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The Science of Mind teaches us that our thoughts create our world – and if we want to change some part of it, we must change the way we think.

How exciting to realize that we alone have power over the events and circumstances of our lives; and as we develop our ability toMarla2 use our minds creatively, our lives improve.

Learning to think positively is a start. But positive thinking alone does not produce the deep level of satisfaction and creativity possible for each of us. When we discover our Oneness with all Life, we can relinquish fear, judgment, poverty, and any idea we are somehow unworthy.

You were not born to be a victim of circumstance. You are here to discover your ability to create a life of limitless Love, health, joy, success and prosperity. It is no accident that you found this website.

This Creator of Life Itself has many attributes; all of them positive, and all of them part of our basic nature. We partake of Its Life, Its Intelligence, Its Love, Joy, Harmony, Beauty, Wisdom, Order, and Abundance to the degree we allow ourselves to experience our own true Divine nature.

We recognize there is an order and harmony to Life, and that the entire universe was created by and from an Infinite Intelligence, which we may call God.

To achieve our vision, Realizing a Greater Experience Of Life For All Through Practical Spirituality, we offer teachings to help us put our Spirituality into practice. We know our thoughts and beliefs create our world, so we aim them to a fuller recognition of these Divine Attributes.

Our mission is To grow a spiritual community of loving, caring people, who delight in friendship, love, abundance, and laughter. Together, we learn to apply Spiritual Principles to create better lives and fulfill our vision. For the spiritual community part, we have recently established a meetup group, which you are welcome to join here ..

Come join us on our journey of discovery.

Religious Science, or the Science of Mind, was developed by Dr. Ernest Holmes, a student of many religions. This teaching is a part of New Thought, a larger or more general term that includes Unity, Divine Science, and other metaphysical designations. For more information, click the New Thought History button.

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