A practitioner is specially trained in the principles of Religious Science and Scientific Prayer in order to help you with your personal and spiritual growth and with specific demonstrations in your life. 

We have two Science of Mind licensed
Practitioners that have completed more than three years of accredited classes, one-year practicum and proven their effectiveness through case histories. They have been approved and are licensed annually by International Centers for Spiritual Living.

Through the spiritual practice of Affirmative Prayer, Practitioners create a sacred space where healing can occur.  They know and reveal a spiritual Truth, greater than any physical condition or situation.

Miracles take place through Affirmative Prayer.

Sometimes we are too close to a situation or too emotionally involved in it to achieve the Spiritual clarity needed for the results we want. Working with a Practitioner can help us work through these situations and learn how to obtain and sustain results.

A session with a practitioner helps us understand our challenge and its possible cause, and then we treat accordingly.  The Practitioner maintains the consciousness for and with us to achieve the highest and best outcome.

Many choose to meet with a practitioner when faced with a specific challenge, while others consult with a practitioner regularly to grow and deepen in their Spiritual awareness. Practitioners are available for private confidential sessions.

Treatment by a licensed practitioner is a professional service and a fee of $35 per session is charged for a private appointment. For prayer treatment along with counseling by a minister, the fee is $50. However, no one will ever be turned away due to a temporary lack of funds. 






Rev Marla Sanderson

There is a Spiritual Truth behind every life situation that is perfect in every way at all times. Spiritual Mind Treatment shines that light of truth onto the specific appearance as it heals, blesses, and transforms every outward condition into a magnificent experience.  




Gregg Sanderson

As we unify with the Source of all, we realize and demonstrate the illusory nature of limitation. The more we can live in Love, the more Love will live in us and the better our lives will work.

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