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“Realizing a Greater Life Experience For All Through Practical Spirituality”

Transform — Grow — Inspire

A casual Sunday church service and light-hearted celebration of Spirit, based on the Science of Mind, as written and taught by Ernest Holmes and other New Thought teachers.

You can create a better life NOW through the conscious use of Spiritual Laws.

We come together to support the positive - the best within us - so we might express more of it in our lives and in the world.  We also know the value of not taking ourselves too seriously; so laughter, joy, and warm camaraderie are essential to our Spiritual development and our Spiritual community. 

We recognize the Divine Attributes of Love, Harmony, Joy, Peace, Life, Oneness, Wisdom, and Abundance as a higher Truth, and seek to express more of this in our daily lives.

We are dedicated to teaching practical spiritual principles.  We use The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes as our basic textbook, along with other inspirational vehicles of Truth. Everyone is invited to join us and bring friends.  

Love offering appreciated

Our Mission: To grow a spiritual community of loving, caring people who delight in friendship, love, abundance and laughter.  Together, we learn to apply Spiritual Principles to create better lives and fulfill our vision.

New Thought: We offer a new way of thinking. Rather than a distant anthropomorphic Being, we recognize that which we call God to be a Creative Force we use to enhance our lives here and now.

Center: A center is the point of balance. As a center, we offer the balance of Oneness, Love, and Abundance to the barrage of divisiveness, fear, and scarcity that confronts us daily.

For Creative Living: We support a creative life over humdrum existence. Our thought is creative, and we use the immutable Spiritual laws to expand and enrich our personal lives.


Date: Every Sunday Morning
Time: 10:00AM to 11:00AM
Place: Unit
y's Peace Cottage
At the west end of the parking lot.
2465 Nursery Road
Clearwater FL 33764